The Poppy House

Vitality and purity are two of the symbols of poppy flowers. Likewise, our Poppy house is decorated with all that we found most colorful for cheerful days.

The Dandelion House

Do you remember the wooden houses with small windows from our childhood’s fairy tales? That’s exactly how the Dandelion House is like!

The Forget-Me-Not House

In this cottage you will find: coziness, sensibility and warmth, just like the gentle and delicate Forget-me-not flower, a symbol of love and memories.

The Sunflower House

The elders in the village say light is the guide of the soul and faith. Your stay at the Sunflower House will be blessed with light so that you leave with fresh perspective.

The Clover House

Our Clover House was built about 65 years ago, but adapted to the current living standards. It is the perfect house for those who want to experience the simplicity of the old days.



  • Parking – private parking, inside the property. (free of charge)
  • Chef – the most skilled chef in the village who happily cooks traditional recipes and serves you in your own house!*
  • Tourist Guide – accredited, a man of the place, ready to offer you the most interesting activities and take you hiking in the area.*
  • Transport to the ski slope, local tourist attractions, etc.**


*Comes with an extra-fee.