Breb Village is the star of Maramureş County. It lays in the immediate vicinity of Ocna Şugatag and about 40 km from Baia-Mare. The famous Maramures Gate welcomes you at the entrance of the village, the gate which you can find at almost all the inhabitants of the village.

Everything that means tradition attracts photographs like a magnet: traditional garbs, wood houses architecture, huge gates, and unique natural landscapes. Besides, there are numerous nature reservation such as Tăul Morărenilor and the peak of Gutâi mountains – Creasta Cocoşului (our emblem due to Breb’s positioning) or the old village church, which dates back over 400 years (part of the UNESCO heritage).

Here the traditions are still alive, the craftsmen recall the real history of the Romanians, and the villagers work their land. Here is no shame to be real, honest and hard-working. We can say that in Breb, time froze in the most beautiful way. This also impressed Prince Charles. Visiting Maramureş he did not pass by our village. He enjoyed the inhabitants’ hospitality, strolled on the quiet streets of the village and made memories. Moreover, through its foundation, it helped restore the roof of the old church.

Every summer and winter, the streets are full of tourists that wander all around, take pictures wearing the traditional garb and enjoy genuine food.